A Lifestyle you’re made for!


Elica Lifestyle

Uber chic lifestyle, ultra sophisticated gadgets and highly devised kitchen chores – are these mere fantasies to crave for? Or are these a means to acquire the state-of-art living you are made for!

Certainly, you are made for a lifestyle that calls in celebration every moment. You are made for ELICA Lifestyle!

Elica Kitchen appliances is a brand to reckon with … a brand that gives a makeover to your home by simply switching your ordinary kitchen gadgets with its super innovative products. From energy saving built-in oven combo to chimney hoods with more head space, Elica has all under its roof.

Innovation is the key word to the brand. Elica believes unless there’s innovation, there can’t be upgradation. So, our innovation in thoughts, innovation in processes, innovation in manufacturing and innovation in products lead to innovation in YOUR lifestyle!
Safety, Lifetime warranty, fulfilling capacity, touch control technique and more – Elica products are simply out of this world!

Elica … a brand for your lifestyle!

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